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Garden City Woman Defends Home Using Her Firearm

Garden City Idaho DGU

A Garden City woman has made statewide news after her defense of her home from a teenage prowler who broke into her home on Friday morning.

The incident took place at the 200 block of East 47th Street, at 9:00 in the morning. 18-year-old Sage Zumr was sneaking around the Garden City neighborhood and targeted the house of a woman who was at home at the time watching her young son.

Zumr then proceeded to attempt a break-in of the home but luckily the woman of the house was armed and heard his attempts.

As the young man entered the home, he was met with the business end of the woman’s firearm and just the sight made him think twice about his idiotic decision. Zumr bolted out the door even quicker than he broke in.

But even his quick speed was not quick enough for local police who were called to the scene and arrived quickly. When they did make it to the scene they found Zumr desperately trying to break into another home.

After a quick struggle with officers, the young man was taken into custody and hopefully will not be bothering the neighborhood again.

In a statement to the press, Garden City Police Chief Rick Allen rained praise upon the woman who he says properly defended herself in the given situation and helped his officers make the arrest of Zumr.

“Everyone has a reasonable expectation to be safe in the confines of their own home and most will take extraordinary measures to protect their family, The homeowner did an excellent job of quickly providing dispatch with relevant information and dispatch quickly relaying that information, allowing our officers to rapidly deploy and apprehend the suspect who was attempting to flee.”

What do you think of this story? Do you feel that the woman in this story properly stopped the threat or would you have handled the situation differently? Let us know in the comments below.

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