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Twin Falls Shooting Has Been Deemed Self-Defense Following Trial

Idaho DGU Case

Back in May, the Idaho news cycle told the story of Billy Duane Johnson, a 45-year-old Twin Falls man who shot and killed William Newton Scott in a fight gone over-the-top outside of Johnson’s home.

At the time of the incident it was unknown whether or not the shooting was in self-defense or not, but in the months that have followed, a court case has been completed, shedding new light and new details on the incident.

Police have said that their investigation concluded William Newton Scott had gone to Billy Duane Johnson’s Addison Avenue West address with another adult male as well as a teenage male in order to confront Johnson over a dispute that the authorities have not yet stated publicly. The police then said that during the confrontation, Scott attacked Johnson and that after a brief physical altercation, Johnson pulled out a handgun and fatally shot Scott in the chest.

Now the courts, after hearing all of the evidence have deemed this incident to be a self-defense shooting by Idaho law.

“A person has the right to use deadly force when he reasonably believes it is necessary to defend himself, his family or other persons, or his home from attack,”

These words were spoken by Grant Loebs, Twin Falls County prosecuting attorney, in a press release that was issued last Friday. “We concluded after looking at all the evidence that this was what happened in this case.”

The Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury, also added, in a statement to the press. “This event is an example of several poor decisions leading to tragedy. Our agency investigated this event thoroughly and the evidence supports that Mr. Johnson acted in self-defense when he shot Mr. Scott. The Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney was consulted every step of the way during this investigation.”

So what do you think of this story? Are you happy to see the court call this case a self-defense shooting? Do you think this is right in the eyes of American gun law? Let us know in the comments below.

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