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Many Idahoans Looking to Receive Enhanced Permit

A new Idaho state law that hit the books in July now allows most gun owners over the age of 21 to be armed in public places as long as their pistol is hidden by clothing, purse or holster.

“There are some exceptions to that, obviously convicted felons, people who are drug users, there are a variety of people who cannot carry concealed weapons but for the average law abiding citizen, they’ll be able to carry without a concealed weapons permit,” Post Falls Police Chief Scot Haug said.

However, even with the new ruling that there is the ability to carry without a permit, many people are still signing up for classes in Idaho.

Currently, 8 percent of the population has a concealed carry permit according to That same site says that the number is expected to rise with the law in place.

It appears that many people are looking to receive the added benefits that training offers for those around the state. Idaho Firearm Training’s own Steve Adams stated that “People are starting to see the value of the national recognition and coming back to the enhanced permit.”

The Idaho enhanced concealed weapons permit is honored by 37 states. Idaho Firearm Training offers classes once per month in both Treasure Valley and Eastern Idaho.

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