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My wife also took the CWL class, and we both agree that Steve is an excellent instructor. I would recommend the enhanced CWL as well as looking into the Advanced Pistol classes. The best part of this course is that Steve is willing to help anyone become comfortable and proficient in training with a firearm.

Took this class because I wanted the benefits of an Idaho Enhanced CWL. Steve is a great instructor. My favorite portion of the class was when he talked about John Locke and the history of the 2nd Amendment. Would recommend 5/5

This is my second concealed weapons class I have taken and it was excellent! Great class room environment and a very well educated instructor. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their permit.

Really enjoyed this class. I have some gun knowledge but being more educated on a gun safety is a priority for me. Thanks for keeping it up beat and fun while we learned.

I took their class and found it to be the most informative well done firearms training I have ever taken. I shoot better, and understand the laws of the land better. I recommend everyone take this class.

The class was awesome. Direct and to the point without being boring. The instructor was very knowledgeable and made everyone feel safe, comfortable, and confident in what they learned.

This class was very good. Steve truly has a gift for teaching. I finished his part of the class with a solid feeling of knowledge and that I had spent my money will.

Very informative course and well worth the time. I learned so much and highly recommend this to anyone, novice or not.

Steve is an outstanding instructor. He is fun, he kept the entire class involved and I enjoyed his sense of humor. I feel much more comfortable handling my firearm and I am much better informed. I would recommend his class to everyone.

Steve is very informative and his class is very enjoyable. You won’t regret it one bit!

Awesome class. Both instructors were very easy to work with and very helpful.

Great class! I have been wanting to get my Enhanced carry permit for awhile, so I finally took the class. I am an experienced shooter, but I still learned alot from Steve the instructor. He also made the class interesting and funny as well. On the range, him and the Nampa police officer(sorry I forgot his name…) made sure everyone was safe and also learning to shoot more accurately as well. Really enjoyable experience and I have recommended Choice Defense to everyone I know that wants to get the Enhanced Carry permit! Thanks again! Mike G.

Great class! Instructor was prepared and taught a fun class. Very personable, I felt like I learned a lot.

The intructors are entertaining and you learn a lot. During range time, the instructors take time to make sure you are comfortable with your weapon and that you know how to use it properly. The only downfall is, because they give each person individual attention, there is a lot of down time and if it’s cold outside, its not very fun to wait. I gave them 5 stars because the course overall was awesome and so is the price.

Steve did a great job teaching us how to shoot better and how to respect guns. The Police Officer who did taught on gun laws was super helpful and was very friendly.

My wife and myself attended their Idaho enhanced class while our friend completed both his Utah and Idaho enhanced class and we’re all very satisfied with the instructors Steve Adams, Brodie Riding, and Jim Richins and the way they were answering our questions and one on one help on the range. Made our accuracy much better and more confident. They made the class not only knowledgeable but fun as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone seeking one or both permits.

The course was thorough and professionally presented by both instructors. They covered safety and operation of all common types of handguns. On the range, through their guidance, my shooting went from 2 hits out of 15 shots for the first magazine and 1/15 for the second to 14/14 for the third. Being new to handguns, I learned a tremendous amount and would highly recommend the course to others, whether already proficient or a novice, such as myself.

Excellent class! I really liked the emphasis on being informed to make your own individual choice about whether or not to carry. I also gained a lot of confidence in my own knowledge and ability for safe use of a firearm. Beginners and experienced alike will get a lot out of this class – and will enjoy the full 8 hours! It was interesting and time passed quickly.

Great class. Gave some very helpful information. Taught about situational awareness and rights to carry.

Fantastic course for all skill levels. Beginners are taught handgun fundamentals while more experienced shooters get great tips for improvement. Travelling to Blackfoot, ID to obtain the permits was painless and enjoyable. All the paperwork went through without a hitch and permits are acquired within 90 days. If you’re indecisive, take this class. You won’t regret it.

It was an awesome class and I learned a lot, but it was also great to review the things I did know, the instructor made the class fun and interesting, this is the only class I would recommend getting a concealed permit from!

I really enjoyed all aspects of the training. The class time was full of information and presented in a way that was entertaining. During the range time the instructors were very helpful and respectful. They helped me with my stance which in turn helped with my aim.

I gotta say; I’m not a professional marksman by any means, but love to shoot a lot and often. I learned a few pointers and great legal information. This class was entertaining, fun, informative and very well put together. I would highly recommend this class and the instructors to anyone looking to conceal carry or even just for great training and information. It doesn’t go into great detail on shooting, but they are great for beginners and incredibly willing to help you learn. I highly recommend them!

Great information great instructors very safe informational and fun! Everyone should do this.

Steve Adams was a great instructor very professional and easy to talk to very impressed.